Winneshiek Energy District


We are a new (2010) local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting stewardship and sustainability in Winneshiek County, Iowa, by focusing on all things energy, with all individuals and organizations willing to partner, as far as our time and energy (and funding) allows.

As Amory Lovins pointed out long ago, we don’t really want energy, we want cold beer and hot showers. Energy efficiency and renewables can still allow us to live good lives, while providing some insurance against disruptive climate change and strengthening our local economy and communities, so we say “let’s get to work”!

This web site, like our organization, is growing and developing. We’ll provide at least the basics of what we’re up to and how we can work together from the get-go, but check back often as we’re hoping to make it even more useful and interactive over the next couple months. And check the Engage pages for ways you can contribute to the effort!

The Winneshiek Energy District team