Winneshiek Energy District

Why We Are Here


Our Vision in Process

Peopled and land communities growing healthier and more resilient over time, as the economic and ecological footprint of our energy use becomes steadily more benign

... and in endpoint

A county and a world undiminished by economic or ecological impacts of energy use


Our mission is to make the vision become reality, to make our Home Place Winneshiek a better place for our kids and for all life. Our work is built around the promotion and implementation of a sustainable energy society in all ways, shapes, and forms. As described in our organizational Articles of Incorporation:

The purpose of this corporation is:

  • To reduce the ecological and climate impacts of energy use within Winneshiek County, Iowa
  • To promote economic health and sustainable development in Winneshiek County through reducing energy costs and promoting local energy sources and related economic activity
  • To work towards a more sustainable society in Winneshiek County and it’s communities


Beth LynchDecember 10, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Comment 1

Picture of Beth Lynch

I hear you are helping home owners with lowering energy consumption.  We have an old house that leaks a lot of air—it would be great to have some advice.  We plan to move in the spring, but would be happy to leave the house more efficient than we found it. 

THanks for more information about your program.

John SteilDecember 22, 2010 at 5:56 PM

Comment 2

Picture of John Steil

Just browsed your website and found your outlook interesting.  Energy conservation within new and existing buildings actually starts with the building envelope.  We use to say, “A building has to breath”, now we should be saying “Build them tight and ventilate them right”.

A tight building shell coupled with mechanical ventilation, will reduce the amount of energy needed to condition the internal air of the building.  It reduces the buildings operating costs, increases indoor air quality while reducing utilty costs.

I have tested Passive Solar homes constrcuted in Illinois which cost $20 a month to heat.  Along with a partner firm of mine, we are constructing the first, truely, Passive Solar home in Iowa starting in 2011.

A 95% effecient heating system isn’t truely 95% efficient if 30% of your homes air is leaving the home via leakage points.  We need to gather the attention of the local builders and HVAC contractor to begin using advanced building techniques to build better homes.

As one person recently told me. “We in America have captured the idea of building homes economically, but in that process we have failed to improve the efficiency of our buildings”.

It makes a lot of sense..