Winneshiek Energy District

Green Business Challenge

Save Energy and Save Money!

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or simply save money, energy efficiency is key.  You must measure your energy in order to manage it.  The Green Business Challenge will help you to track your energy consumption with the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) ENERGY STAR® program.

Sign Up for the Green Business Challenge!

  • Get recognized!  Green businesses will be publicly recognized at a fun networking event in December.
  • Earn ENERGY STAR recognition for your business from the EPA.

Winners of the electric audits drawn in September:  The Decorah Middle School, T-Bocks Sports Bar, Aase Haugen Homes, La Rana, and Magpie Coffee House

How to Sign Up for the Green Business Challenge:

1.  Email bizinfo@energydistrict.orgCarolyn will make signing up easy.

2.  Or, do it yourself by collecting this information:  

  • The building street address,
  • year built,
  • square footage of building.
  • last 15 months of electric and natural gas energy use in $'s and in therms (for natural gas) and kilowatts (for electric)    

       Access your energy use for Alliant Energy

  • go to 
  • Register for username and password or enter username and password.  Need account number to create a username/password.
  • click: Cost & Usage / Detail / copy kilowatts and $'s for last 15 months

       Access your energy use for Blackhills

  • Register for username and password or enter username and password. Need account number to create username/password.
  • click: account summary / View Bills / Detail / meter # / copy the therms  and $'s for the last 15 months.

3.  Send your data to

     or (for those who wish)  Enter your data

  1. Print the Quick Reference Guide when you go to
  2. Register for a username and password
  3. Follow steps 1 - 7 on the Quick Reference Guide
  4. IMPORTANT - "Share" your data with us.  Go to "My Portfolio", Click "Share"
  5. Enter Username: "ENERGYDISTRICT"   choose  "Read Only" and leave other settings on "no"
  6. GOOD JOB!

Energy Star's Portfolio Manager is a powerful tool, and you may find the benchmarking, reports, and graphs to be valuable. For this program all we ask is that you create an account, link it to ours, and enter facility, space, and at least 15 months of energy data. You do not need to enter water data or generate reports. Obtaining this utility data is necessary for a comprehensive analysis. Using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager allows you to see how your building compares to other similar spaces across the nation.

Want to do more?

Send an email to the Decorah Area Chamber asking "How can I become a Going Green Program Participant?" to











Need Help?

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