Winneshiek Energy District

Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Winneshiek Energy District is proud to host a hard-working Green Iowa AmeriCorps team for the fifth year running! 


Green Iowa AmeriCorps members from near and far have gathered to help our community reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency, education and awareness. From their direct-install program to their educational outreach and creative projects, Green Iowa AmeriCorps is helping Decorah go green!


Home Efficiency Program

The Green Iowa AmeriCorps team provides low-cost, high-return energy saving services through the Home Efficiency program, which can substantially reduce household utility expenses and energy consumption while increasing home comfort. Through the program, the average resident of Winneshiek County saves roughly $140 annually on their utility bills (though this varies greatly depending on characteristics of your home); therefore, the program is a great investment for tenants and homeowners alike!  Click here for a MAP of direct installs and savings figures to date!

So what's the Home Efficiency Program?

The GIA Home Efficiency Program includes three main components:

  1. A free energy assessment, which includes a blower door evaluation, combustion safety tests, and thermal imagery.
  2. Direct installation of new efficiency upgrades for lighting, water, and related energy use. 
  3. Home tightening and air sealing where energy assessment tests indicate that it would be appropriate.

For more details on the program services, please read 'Direct Install: The Nitty-Gritty Details' which is linked below. Make sure you have read the details and understand the services provided before signing up! Click here for 'DIRECT INSTALL: THE NITTY GRITTY DETAILS'

What does a Direct Install Cost?

The energy assessment is free to all, as is the labor and time of the Green Iowa AmeriCorps Team. People of Low-to-Moderate Income, Veterans, Elderly, and Disabled receive the supplies for efficiency upgrades and air-sealing (lightbulbs, showerheads, caulk, etc.) free of charge. All others pay only the costs of supplies, which are inexpensive thanks to our bulk purchasing. Total costs vary widely depending on the needs and size of the home, but typically range from $40 up to $200, depending on whether air-sealing is included and homeowner choices regarding CFL and LED lightbulbs.  If you are a non-county resident:  A $25.00 trip fee will be charged regardless of income-level or other eligibility, but if you find others in the neighborhood who would like a direct install on the same day, you can split the trip charge.

If your pre-tax income is less than 80% of the area median income, you qualify as Low to Moderate income and receive free materials. See the chart below to determine whether you qualify. 

Household Size









Pre-tax Income Limit to Qualify 

$ 37,050

$ 42,350

$ 47,650

$ 52,900

$ 57,150

$ 61,400

$ 65,600

$ 69,850



*I have read and understand the details of services and costs


Education and Outreach

Beyond providing our Direct Install program, Winneshiek Energy District and Green Iowa AmeriCorps have many upcoming education and outreach opportunities.  We are striving to educate all community members; our youth, the young at heart and everyone in between.  Through outreach and education, we highlight the importance of household and business energy conservation and how our collective change in energy use habits can enhance the entire community. From hosting “do-it-yourself” workshops to implementing volunteer generated projects, we are eager and open to partnering with existing area groups and institutions to spread the word on how simple, fun and effective energy conservation can be.  Upcoming Winneshiek Energy District and Green Iowa AmeriCorps education and outreach opportunities can be found on our Events page and will be highlighted in the Events column on the Home Page.