Winneshiek Energy District

Oneota Tag Offsets

Purchase Oneota Tags here, get the lowdown below, or truly delve into the details of offsets and our local progam through the "learn" links in the left sidebar.

Have you ever wondered how to reduce your “carbon footprint” – the impact your personal, family, or business energy use has on the environment and climate? The steps are really pretty clear, as our carbon footprints are related mostly to our energy use. We like to think of it as a three-step process: reduce, renew, and recycle.

  1. First reduce your energy consumption through efficiency and conservation. See our other web pages for more information, or contact us to discuss energy analysis and plan development.
  2. Second, consider your own renewable energy options, such as biomass for home heating or hot water, geothermal or air source heat pumps, solar or wind for electricity. These options are becoming much more cost-effective as incentives increase and costs drop. Our energy analysis and planning services can also include renewables.
  3. Once you've done all you can from those first two steps, you can further reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing emissions reductions, or carbon offsets. Recycle those dollars LOCALLY through the purchase of our ONEOTA TAG carbon offsets.

What are carbon offsets? They are essentially a means of paying someone else to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that wouldn't otherwise have happened. If that sounds complex and a bit dubious you're right, there are many problems with carbon offsets as they have evolved in the international markets (they're a major part of greenhouse gas cap and trade programs in Europe and other developed countries). Which is why we have developed the first entirely LOCAL carbon offset program in Iowa. Read much more about the problems with offsets, and how we believe our local Oneota Tag program addresses those problems, in the "learn" pages linked in the left column.

Proceeds from the sale of Oneota Tag local offsets will go towards purchasing "simple direct-install" supplies such as efficient light bulbs and showerheads and basic weatherization materials. These will then be installed in local homes by our well-trained Green Iowa Americorps team. To purchase, go our Oneota Tag tool page. To learn more, follow the "Learn" links to in the left sidebar.