Winneshiek Energy District

Northeast Iowa Elected Officials

The home page for the Iowa Legislature is here, and the page to "find your legislator" is here. It includes the ability so search by city, address, or zip code, and view maps of districts.

Alternatively, identify your Iowa Senate and House District from the map below (which is an interactive map that can also be accessed by clicking), and scroll down this page for clickable contact information for the Northeast Iowa House and Senate officials.


Representative Kisti Hagar House District 56

Phone: 515-281-3221


Representative Michael Bergan House District 55

Phone: 515-281-3221


Representative Jane Bloomingdale, House District 51

 phone 515-281-3221


Senator Michael Breitbach, Senate District 28

Phone: 563-933-6486


Senator Waylon Brown, Senate District 26

Phone: 563-547-4156