WED and City of Decorah Partner on Energy Assistance for Low-Moderate Income Families

The Energy District has partnered with the City of Decorah to offer energy efficiency assistance to low-moderate income households in Decorah. All qualifying households can and are encouraged to participate in our Home Efficiency Program.

Who is eligible for this program?

All households in the City of Decorah whose total household pre-tax annual income is less than 80% of area median as shown in the chart below qualify for both programs.

Household Size









80% of Median Income

$ 36,300

$ 41,450

$ 46,650

$ 51,850

$ 56,000

$ 60,150

$ 64,300

$ 68,450

This program is supported by the City of Decorah’s TIF-LMI fund. They are not tax dollars, but contributed to the fund from TIF-incentivized developments that don’t directly create low-moderate income housing. These funds are then used for purposes that support housing affordability for low-moderate income residents.

How does the Home Efficiency Program work?

The first thing on their checklist is to provide you with a blower door pretest for air leakage and an appliance zone safety test. This helps us identify possible improvements to be made through air sealing as well as identify any present air quality concerns from things like leaky gas pipes.

After this initial walkthrough evaluation, the team will schedule a time with you to come back for the bulk of the improvements including: air sealing, replacement of all incandescent
lighting with highly efficient compact fluorescents, replacement of inefficient showerheads and faucet aerators with efficient units, changing of furnace filters, programming thermostats, adjusting computer power settings and more depending on your needs

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up online or contacting the Energy District’s qualified group of Green Iowa AmeriCorp members by phone at 382.4207 ext 2#, 3# or 4# or by email at

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