Solar Rebates from Alliant Energy End in 2013

With the end of Alliant Energy’s renewable rebates on the horizon, Alliant customers should act NOW to save their spot in the rebate program. Solar panel prices are great right now, and non-Alliant energy customers (without rebates) are seeing excellent payback times on their systems. Really.

We’ve said this before, but if you are thinking about installing solar panels, now is the time.  Panel prices are at their lowest in years and local installers jumping into the game are bringing down installation costs. Federal and state income tax credits are available for a combined 45% of the cost. In addition, Alliant Energy has an excellent rebate program that is taking new signups through the end of the year.

Please note:

  1. Alliant Energy customers need to get their foot in the door NOW before this rebate program closes.
  2. Alliant will only continue to take applications through the end of 2013.
  3. The limited rebate funds in the program will be distributed first-come, first-served.

You can find all the details to Alliant’s renewable rebates on their webpage here: There is a lot to comb through, so here are some key points:

  • Alliant must provide your electrical service
  • You need to pay for a $50 site assessment to determine your site’s suitability for solar panels
  • You may need to pay $500 for an energy audit UNLESS your home has used less than 6,500 kWh in the past 12 months.
  • Alliant will rebate up to $1.25 per kWh generated in the first year (projected), capped at 75% of your current annual electric usage. This can be from 20% to 40% of the total cost.

There are many resources available on line to help you understand and get started with your solar install including the many available on our Energy District Solar Solar project page and resource pages for Solar Contractors and Solar Incentives. Perhaps the absolute best way to get start is to speak directly with someone who understands the process. Get in touch with Joel Zook (, 382-4207 ext 2#) if you’d like some help navigating the requirements and benefits of the program. In addition to helping you through Alliant’s rebate program, Joel also offers solar site assessments to help you determine the suitability of solar panels for your home or business. These are a much more in depth version than what is offered through Alliant’s program and can provide you (or your loan officer) with solid numbers regarding projected energy generation, offset expenses and payback time.

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