Act Now On Iowa Solar Policy     

Two critical Iowa policies that support solar and other renewable energy may be undone in the current legislative session: Net Metering and Tax Credits. You can act now: visit our legislator page, then call or email your state Senator and Representative with two simple messages:

1. Keep Iowa’s solar and clean energy tax credits in place. Together with the federal credits (extended in 2015) they are helping NEIA lead the Midwest in locally-owned solar, and pumping millions into local economies.

2. Leave Net Metering to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). The Branstad-appointed IUB has led a 2-year state-wide analysis and determined net metering is a fair policy that should continue for three more years. The Legislature should respect that decision.

You can also refer them to the recently released Iowa Energy Plan. The plan was developed through a year-long 2016 process led by Lt. Governor Reynolds that involved dozens of Iowa organizations, and is supportive of both the aforementioned policies.


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