Policy Update

(or “How To Keep Your Energy And Dollars Local”)

Andy Johnson, Director

LOCAL: Decorah Power is working hard to answer questions, educate voters, and counter a great deal of myth and misinformation regarding the tremendous opportunity for a municipal electric utility. Learn more at their website, volunteer to help, and contribute through the website or their crowdfunding campaign.

STATE: Two bills continue to make their way through the legislature.

SF2311 is an omnibus energy bill that passed the Senate. It would likely gut the energy efficiency plans, penalize solar owners, reverse current state policy promoting environmental and energy agency collaboration on regulated emissions from coal plants, and deregulate certain kinds of rate-making. The Senate bill now goes to the House, so contact your state representative to voice an opinion.

SF2383 is an omnibus tax bill in the Senate that would (among many changes) eliminate Iowa’s solar energy systems tax credit for homes, farms, and businesses. Learn more about both bills at the Iowa Environmental Council’s action page.

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