Art in a New Light

July 17, 2018Community, News, Sustainability

Next time you step into the Art Haus gallery on West Water St in Decorah, you may notice a slight difference in the ambiance, not due to the art, but due to the light!

On July 12th, Green Iowa AmeriCorps members Drew Peeler and Emily Osborne performed a direct install service and replaced sixteen bulbs with high-efficiency LED light bulbs. This simple installation will save the non-profit an estimated $145 on their electric bill per year and 1.2 metric tons of carbon.

The Green Iowa AmeriCorps team provides direct installation of screw-in bulbs to nonprofits with no cost for labor. Organizations pay for the materials used and enjoy the energy savings after.

Contact the Green Iowa AmeriCorps team to learn how your home or organization can sign up for a Direct Install or comprehensive energy assessment: 563-382-4207 ext.2.








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