Huzzah! They are Here! 2019/20 AmeriCorps Team

On Monday, September 30th, a new Green Iowa AmeriCorps team started orientation at the Winneshiek Energy District. This is the 10th Green Iowa AmeriCorps team that our organization has hosted!

This year’s team consists of Briana Burke, Lucas Griesheimer, Rowan Collins, and Jessica Hegdahl.

Briana Burke is a returning member to our Green Iowa Americorps team. Last year she contributed as the team’s logistics coordinator and is coming back to us as an education coordinator. She is excited to put her Environmental Education and Communication degree from the University of Minnesota to good use during her service term. Fostering people’s connection with nature, hands-on learning, and curiosity-stimulating wonderment are part of her plans for the upcoming year of environmental and sustainability education in NE Iowa.

Lucas was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa and has spent 5 years after high school working various jobs in the service industry including cooking and computer repair. After spending three weeks building a self-sustainable veterinary clinic in the southwest, he discovered his passion for environmental action through efficient technology. He enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, and can’t wait to start making a meaningful impact on a local scale.

Jessica moved to Decorah two years ago with her husband Matt, children Eily and Ezra, and her chihuahua. She most recently worked as a skills trainer for individuals with intellectual disabilities and is so excited to work with Green Iowa AmeriCorps to make a tangible difference in the lives of Northeast Iowans – as well as the environment – by completing energy audits and weatherization for local households. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, trivia nights, and sipping slowly on high-quality coffee.

Rowan Collins is from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. They enjoy baking cookies, being outside, and exploring Decorah.

Join us in welcoming our newest team of GIA Superstars.

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