IUB Clarifies Support For Utility Scale Renewable Energy

Andy Johnson, Executive Director

In July of this year, the Iowa Utilities Board opened a docket to investigate the development of a comprehensive plan for Iowa’s future transmission grid. In our August newsletter (and in comments submitted by the Clean Energy Districts of Iowa), we worried that the Board may be “unnecessarily feeding the fire … [of] growing headwinds in Iowa for renewable energy at all scales”. Many other parties in the docket expressed similar concerns.

On August 30th, the Board held a public workshop on the docket. In opening remarks, Chair Huser made it very clear that the Board’s intent in this docket is not to slow or arrest development of utility scale renewable energy in Iowa. Subsequent comments submitted by the Office of Consumer Advocate have shone additional light on the complexities of the current transmission siting process, and the significant challenges faced by the Board and the Consumer Advocate alike in the current transmission evolution environment.

We are heartened by this clarification, and encourage Governor Reynolds to confirm publicly that Iowa remains open for renewable energy business, and intends to lead the nation into the renewable energy future.

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