Common Questions

How much does it cost?

A USDA NRCS partnership is allowing the Energy District to provide these services at minimal cost. The fee is $50 if your total annual farm energy costs are under $1,000, or $100 if your annual farm energy costs exceed $1,000.

Am I eligible for a Farm Energy Plan?

Farms in Allamakee, Clayton, Winneshiek, Fayette, Howard, or Chickasaw county are eligible for WED’s farm energy planning program.

What if I’m not eligible for WED’s program?

You should still consider pursuing quality technical assistance for farm energy analysis. You could start with your local utility which may offer limited auditing services, or you could talk to NRCS about cost-sharing available for energy planning. If you have a specific program or practice in mind be sure to make that clear. WED can still provide you free advice and guidance.

So, what is the Winneshiek Energy District?

Local leaders created WED, a non-profit, in response to local energy economics and climate change concerns, and modeled it on the Soil and Water Conservation Districts formed in the Dust Bowl. We work for locally-owned renewable energy and energy efficiency and the creation of an energy ethic at the local and state level. We hope to be the first of many Energy Districts in Iowa and the United States.

Who can I contact?

Direct further questions about the Farm Energy Planning Program to Farm Energy Planner Joel Zook.


Joel Zook, Energy Planner