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Our year-end member drive represents your ownership of locally led energy programming and services that keep energy dollars local, creates local “clean energy prosperity”, and promotes a healthier climate for our kids and grandkids.


Farm Energy Planning

Winneshiek Energy District offers comprehensive Farm Energy Planning Services for agricultural facilities in throughout Iowa and southern Minnesota. These services are designed to help you identify energy saving opportunities on your farm and decide what upgrades hold the most potential for decreased energy consumption and quickest payback.


Home Efficiency ProgramHome Energy Savings

Is your home using more energy than it needs to?  Are you looking for a low cost option to make these important changes to your living environment? The Green Iowa AmeriCorps team will help your home energy savings reach its potential through lighting upgrades, combustion zone safety tests, installing low-flow faucets, an air-leakage assessment of your home, and home air sealing as needed.

Winneshiek Energy DistrictLeading the Energy District Movement

The locally led Energy District movement models a “universal local” approach to the clean renewable energy transition. It’s a model built off the understanding that the most effective change is that which happens on the local level through local leadership. Together we will create strong, resilient communities through the expertise, knowledge, help, and support of our neighbors.

oneotatagThe Midwest’s Only Local Carbon Market

While we hope that selling your carbon isn’t the first solution you turn to when you decide to “go green” we believe it can be an important tool to assist carbon reduction work in our community. By selling your carbon to our local market, you allow energy efficiency work to be done in areas of great opportunity in our community.

You can purchase Oneota Tag purchase based on your household emissions, preset options, and/or donate to further development of the project.


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