An Energy District is a locally-led organization that provides leadership for a clean renewable energy transition.  This model has since spread to neighboring counties. Click here to learn more about Energy Districts.

The Winneshiek Energy District, founded in 2010, is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to promoting stewardship and sustainability in Winneshiek County, Iowa.  The organization was founded by Andy and Paul Johnson as the pilot Energy District.


To make our Home Place Winneshiek a better place for our kids and for all life. Our work is built around the promotion and implementation of a sustainable energy society in all ways, shapes, and forms.

As described in our organizational Articles of Incorporation, t
he purpose of this corporation is to:

  • Reduce the ecological and climate impacts of energy use within Winneshiek County, Iowa
  • Promote economic health and sustainable development in Winneshiek County through reducing energy costs and promoting local energy sources and related economic activity
  • Work towards a more sustainable society in Winneshiek County and it’s communities


100% Local Renewable Energy by 2050.

Your Energy District is:

Defending the right to own solar on fair terms for customers and communities alike

Keeping our energy dollars local

Starting a movement right here in Winneshiek County.

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