“Keeping energy local since 2010”


The mission of Winneshiek Energy District is to lead, implement, and accelerate the locally-owned, inclusive, clean energy transition in Winneshiek County.


100% locally owned, efficient, renewable energy by 2050


  1. We create access to affordable technical assistance for all energy users.
  2. We are a trusted local source of information on and partnership in all aspects of the clean energy transition and climate change.
  3. We work toward a steady reduction in local energy burden.
  4. We work toward an ever increasing amount of renewable energy produced from locally owned resources.
  5. Our work is rooted in countywide economic prosperity.
  6. Our work aims to reduce the county’s contribution to climate change drivers, especially greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. We engage in local policy development and advocacy to support the clean energy transition.


Winneshiek Energy District (WED) incorporated in 2010 to lead, implement, and accelerate the clean energy transition in Winneshiek County, Northeast Iowa. The grassroots nonprofit grew out of a dedicated group of energy-conscious individuals meeting regularly to share tips and ideas for conserving energy. Together they imagined solutions to the economic and environmental challenges faced in their communities, and got to work building a model that joined rural economic prosperity with environmental stewardship. Read more about the backstory in the in-depth Energy District concept document: Geography of Change.