An Energy District is a local organization that provides leadership towards a locally-owned clean energy economy and society.  This model has since spread to neighboring counties. Click here to learn more about Energy Districts.

The Winneshiek Energy District is the original pilot energy district founded loosely on the Soil and Water Conservation District model, in 2010. The effort grew out of extensive community conversation and history, a founding board including Carolyn Corbin, Larry Grimstad, Jeni Grouws, Paul Johnson, Jim Martin-Schramm, and Craig Mosher, and the vision of founding Executive Director Andrew Johnson.


100% Locally-Owned Renewable Energy by 2050


The mission of Winneshiek Energy District is to build local leadership and consensus around the vision, and move steadily towards it with strategies including technical assistance, community engagement, market transformation, and policy advocacy. As the founding Energy District, our mission also includes demonstration of the energy district model viability, and growth of an energy district network and movement throughout Iowa and beyond.

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