Get at least two Bids

Start local, but get at least two, possibly more, bids for your project so you can compare quotes, recommendations, and ask for clarifications. Contractors are busy and may not be competing on price, so it’s to your advantage to shop around. View our Local Contractor Directory.

Tell them what you want

Ask each installer to include in their bid/report:

  • Site assessment regarding shade, roof, mounting, and interconnection issues
  • Identification information on brand/models of hardware, including panels, inverter, racking, etc.
  • Warranty information on hardware components, labor, maintenance (and what happens if the manufacturer goes out of business?)
  • Itemized quote including panels, inverter, other hardware, permitting/connection, and labor
  • Proposed system size in kilowatts DC, and estimated annual production in kilowatt-hours AC, including production report
  • All-inclusive price per DC Watt installed cost to you  – this is the bottom line figure for comparison, you’ll want to know any caveats, and how “firm” the price is, NOT counting incentives
  • Financial/economic summary showing how available incentives will likely impact your final outlay if you’re able to take advantage of them, and what your final simple payback may be.

Reach out with questions

Still have questions? Contact Energy Planner Paul Cutting: Your energy district is a neutral third party who is committed to helping you increase local, clean energy.