Your energy district is here to help you implement energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades at your home, farm, and/or business. Together, and with the right resources, we can achieve 100% local, clean, efficient energy by 2050.

Green Iowa AmeriCorps Services:  First-Step Home Energy Assessments, First-Step Electrification Assessments, and Bright Box

Fully vaccinated? Get an in home energy assessment including a full lighting upgrade to LEDs, combustion safety testing, and a blower door test to identify drafts in your home.

If you are an Allamakee-Clayton or MiEnergy customer, you can sign up for a First-Step Electrification Assessment to learn even more about how you could save money on your utility bills. 

In addition, we’re still offering our Bright Box Program! Get a home lighting upgrade with a box of all the LED’s you need delivered no-contact straight to your doorstep!  Bright Box is our response to COVID-19. Our regular in-home energy audits are currently available to fully vaccinated households only.

Comprehensive Energy Assessment for Your Home

This service is for homeowners looking for a more in-depth energy assessment or do not qualify for the Green Iowa AmeriCorps First Step Home Assessment due to location. The Comprehensive Energy Assessment will provide you with complete information about your home’s energy use and efficiency, including, blower door testing to gauge overall envelope tightness, thermal imaging to identify leaks and air sealing opportunities, combustion safety testing, analysis of efficiency opportunities, and cost-benefit analysis of appliance replacement. You will receive a written report with actionable steps to improve your home’s efficiency. $300. 

Email Paul or call (563) 334-0538 to schedule a comprehensive assessment.

Home Energy Consulting

Would you like some advice on energy improvements to your home?  Perhaps you’re thinking about electrification options like a heat pump, but don’t need a full home assessment? 

Email Paul or call (563) 334-0538 to schedule an appointment!  

Solar Site Assessments 

For homes, farms, and businesses

Interested in solar but don’t know where to start?  A Winneshiek Energy District Solar Site Assessment for your home, business or farm gives you the information you need to make informed decisions when purchasing a solar system.  We’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your past energy use while also taking into consideration future energy goals, all from a neutral third party. Your report will include a detailed calculation of the potential system’s energy production based on its orientation, amount of site shading and space constraints, an analysis of available tax incentives, and an analysis of the value of electricity produced based on your utility’s cost of electricity and solar policies.  $200. 

Email Paul or call (563) 334-0538 to schedule an appointment!   


Carbon Footprint Workshops

Oneota Tags Carbon Offsets

Looking to go net-zero? Or at least offset some of your carbon output? When you purchase local Oneota Carbon Offset tags, you support carbon savings in other areas of our community.