Electric Vehicle Charging in Winneshiek County

Publicly available electric vehicle charging has greatly improved in Winneshiek County and northeast Iowa. Within Decorah city limits, there are now sixteen level 2 chargers available for public use and two direct current fast chargers at Decorah Chevrolet. County- and region-wide, the situation has improved, too, with public chargers available in Calmar, Cresco, West Union, Lansing, and others. 

Level 2 chargers can recharge an EV in 3-8 hours depending on vehicle and charger speed, and are best suited for situations where people park their cars for extended periods of time, like workplaces, downtown areas, hotels, and locations catering to travelers. Level 3 fast chargers can fill an EV in as short as 20-30 minutes and are best positioned to support regional pass-through travel.

The transition to electric vehicles locally and regionally is still in its infancy, and it’s perhaps important to acknowledge the realities, and resulting benefits, of publicly available EV charging for this phase of the transition. First and foremost, a vast majority of those who have already made the transition to EVs or are currently contemplating doing so, have access to low-cost electricity in their garages and aren’t necessarily going to need public or workplace charging. In addition, EV ranges have grown by leaps and bounds over just the past few years. In 2023, the median range of available EV models was 270 miles, roughly on par or slightly below the gas-equivalent automobiles.

As a result, the need for workplace and publicly available charging for those living locally is perhaps less acute than it was several years ago when EVs were in their technological infancy. At the same time, when low-cost EV options become more widely available, the need for publicly available charging options for renters, condo owners, and generally those without access to home charging will grow.

Taken together, we believe Decorah and Winneshiek County are well-positioned to support the current phase of EV adoption. Below is a list of chargers available for public use in Winneshiek County along with the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh). For reference, most EVs achieve 2.5 – 4 miles of range per kWh of charge, and an EV with a range of 270 miles has a 60-80 kW battery.


Location Charge speed per hour Cost per kWh
Decorah Chevrolet, 2 chargers 180 kW $0.49
Weis GMC Decorah, level 3 coming soon coming soon
State Street across from Fareway, 2 chargers 10.4 kW $0.31
Downtown Decorah at Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce 21.6 kW $0.31
Downtown Decorah behind Oneota Coop, 4 chargers 7.2 kW $0.31
Winneshiek Medical Center, 2 chargers 6.6 kW $.30
Sunflower Child Development Center coming soon coming soon
Preus Library, Luther College, 2 chargers 6.6 kW $0.23
Luther College Regents Center, 2 chargers 5 kW $0.23
Downtown Calmar 17 kW $0.29
NICC Calmar Campus 7 kW $0.29


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