Alliant 2019 Rate Case

Early in 2019, Alliant Energy filed a rate request with the Utilities Board to raise base rates 24.45% for residential customers, 18.36% for general service customers, and 25.29% for large general service customers.

Winneshiek Energy District (WED) believes the proposed rate increase is unreasonable, unjust, and discriminatory. We are working with local and state partners to ask the Iowa Utilities Board to do everything in their power to reject the wealth-extraction model Alliant is so aggressively pursuing, promote local clean energy prosperity through prioritizing energy efficiency and customer-owned renewable energy, and maximize Iowa’s climate stewardship and clean energy transition in the process. This page is a compilation of selected resources related to the rate case.

The rate case is heard by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), and all official filings can be found in the IUB’s online filing system under IUB docket RPU-2019-0001. Click on “filings” and “show all results”. You can sort the filing list by date, submitting party, or other heading in the blue bar.

Submit your own comment through the IUB’s Open Docket Comments Form (choose the Alliant docket RPU-2019-0001 from the list).

WED has coordinated with four local entities to intervene and submit testimony in this docket. Testimony is submitted under the “Decorah Area Group”, which consists of the City of Decorah, Luther College, Winneshiek Medical Center, Aase Haugen Senior Services, and WED. All DAG testimony can be accessed through the IUB link above, sorting by “submitting party” and scrolling to “Decorah Area Group”, or through the direct links below.

Decorah Area Group Filings (each filing contains multiple documents – click “view” next to the document to open it in pdf format)

Additional Selected Docket Filings

Local News Coverage

Broader News Coverage