Local Solar Contractors

We’re excited to have quality local contractors available to install solar photovoltaic systems for area homes, farms, businesses, and institutions. Check out our Northeast Iowa Renewable Energy Map to see tremendous activity.

Solar Contractors

Solar Installers listed are Energy District sponsors and partners:

Decorah Electricdecorah-electric
Based in Decorah, Winneshiek County, Iowa. Decorah Electric is a major sponsor of the Energy District. They are not yet NABCEP certified but in the process.


Massman Construction and Solar

Based in Decorah, Winneshiek County, Iowa. A builder of sustainable homes, Massman Construction has added solar installations to their services. They are not yet NABCEP certified but in the process.


Perry Novak Electric

(563) 382-2179

Perry Novak Electric has been serving the electrical and equipment needs of Northeastern Iowa since 1980, making it Decorah’s longest-established electrical company. Family owned and operated, we know and appreciate the value of hard work and integrity, and strive to give our customers only the best in service and satisfaction.

Perry Novak founded the company, providing electrical services to Decorah and the surrounding communities. As the company has grown, so have our services and expertise. In 2008 Perry Novak Electric expanded with the addition of our Charles City branch, adding several electricians and significantly expanding our service area.

Wadsworth Construction

(563) 419-0390
Wadsworth construction specializes in bringing sustainable residential and light commercial construction to the Decorah Area.

Choosing a Solar Contractor

1. Learn as much as you can about solar, talk to home or business owners that have been through the process, and always do EFFICIENCY FIRST! Efficiency and renewables should be part of every integrated energy analysis and plan.

2. Start LOCAL, but get at least two, possibly more, bids for your project so you can compare quotes, recommendations, and ask for clarifications.

3. Ask each installer to include in their bid/report:

  • Site assessment regarding shade, roof, mounting, and interconnection issues
  • Identification information on brand/models of hardware, including panels, inverter, racking, etc.
  • Warranty information on hardware components, labor, maintenance (and what happens if the manufacturer goes out of business?)
  • Itemized quote including panels, inverter, other hardware, permitting/connection, and labor
  • Proposed system size in kilowatts DC, and estimated annual production in kilowatt hours AC
  • All-inclusive price per DC Watt installed cost to you  – this is the bottom line figure for comparison, you’ll want to know any caveats, and how “firm” the price is, NOT counting incentives
  • Financial/economic summary showing how available incentives will likely impact your final outlay IF you’re able to take advantage of them, and what your final simple payback MAY be
  • Ask your installer if they are NABCEP certified– (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). If they aren’t certified, you may want to ask for references from other clients to verify the quality of their work.