Green Iowa Americorps Home Efficiency Program

One of our most successful programs to date.

 Through this low-cost, high-return program, the average participant in this program saves $100 annually on their utility bills (though this varies greatly depending on the characteristics of your home).

The program serves:

  • Residents of Winneshiek, Clayton, Allamakee, Howard, Fayette, and Chickasaw counties
  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Tennants/renters

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What’s Included (and Why)

Combustion Safety Tests

Test to ensure that carbon monoxide is not back-drafting into your home from your water heater, stove, furnace, fireplace, or any other appliance that is powered by combustion. For your safety adn ours, we’ll check gas-pipes and related appliances for gas-leaks prior to other work.

Direct Installation of Efficiency Upgrades

Energy-Efficient Light Bulb Upgrades
An average household dedicates 11% of its energy budget to lighting! We will swap out all of your light bulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. LEDs are cost-effective, maintain high light-quality and visual appeal, use a fraction of the energy as traditional incandescent bulbs, and can last up to 21 years!  

Low-flow Aerators and Shower Heads
Install low-flow aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks and stationary low-flow shower heads. Our program has helped the average homeowner reduce their annual water usage by over 4,900 gallons and all without compromising the comfort of anyone’s shower. Less water used can also affect the heating bill because your water heater will use less energy to heat the needed water.

Blower Door Test (single-family  homes)

Blower door tests quantify the amount of air leaking through any gaps, cracks, or openings in a home’s envelope. Air leakage causes home heating and cooling systems to work harder than needed, resulting in more energy consumption and higher heating and cooling bills.  A healthy home environment changes air every 3 hours (.33 ACH).

Air Sealing (as needed, single-family homes)

For your safety, Green Iowa can only perform Air sealing on homes in which the blower door test reports .33 Air Changes per hour or more.  If the blower door test shows that your home has the potential to decrease air infiltration without threatening the air quality, the Green Iowa team can target problem areas. Such areas can include windows, floorboards, electrical outlets, rim joists, attic accesses, and doors.  We use clear caulk, foam, weather stripping, and other simple measures to make your home as energy efficient as possible.  Homes with serious insulation problems will be referred to a local contractor.

Thermal Imaging

While running the blower door, we use an infrared camera to pinpoint areas of heat loss in the home that could be tightened through air-sealing or more major construction project

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Insulating the first 6 feet of the pipes connected to the water heater reduces heat loss and increases efficiency.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Furnace filters, fantom loads, and thermostats all contribute to your overall energy use. We can help you identify simple lifestyle changes and upgrades that will help you decrease your energy bills.


Homes that Qualify for a Free Service

Single Family Low-Moderate Income Homes

Single Family homes that meet the following income criteria (80% median income) and are located in Howard, Winneshiek, Allamakee, Fayette, and Clayton Counties are paid for by the Regional Housing Trust Fund.

Veterans, Disabled, Seniors (over 65)

Eligible for a free service. $25 travel fee if located outside of Winneshiek County.

Low-Moderate Income Households

Any household that qualifies under the following household income criteria (200% of 2018 poverty guidelines) is eligible for a free service. $25 travel fee if located outside of Winneshiek County.

200% of 2018 Poverty Guidelines
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income 24,120 32,480.00 40,840.00 49,200.00 57,560.00 65,920.00 74,280.00 82,640.00

Non-Qualifying Homes Pay a Minimal Service Fee

Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, the Green Iowa AmeriCorps team can help your household save an estimated $100 per year on your energy bills. Fees help cover materials, travel, and program costs. *Service fees do not pay for AmeriCorps members’ labor.

  • Single Family homes inside Winneshiek County:  $125
  • Multi-Family homes (apartment, duplex) inside Winneshiek: $50
  • Single Family Homes outside Winneshiek County: $150
  • Multi-Family Homes (apartment, duplex) outside Winneshiek County: $75

Call (563) 382-4207 ext. 2 to schedule an assessment or visit the online signup form

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Thank You to Our Local Partners

The Regional Housing Trust Fund sponsors FREE Green Iowa Home Energy Assessments for low-moderate income, single-family homes in Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, and Winneshiek counties in northeast Iowa.

Sign up for our program when you sign up for low-income heating assistance (LIHEAP) or home weatherization at any NEIA Community Action office.