Green Iowa Americorps First-Step Home Efficiency Programs

The Green Iowa AmeriCorps First-step Home Energy Assessment and Bright Box programs have helped over 1,000 homes in northeast Iowa become more energy-efficient, saving the average homeowner over $120 on utility bills annually! These programs serves households in Howard, Winneshiek, Allamakee, Fayette, and Clayton counties.

The efficiency program is made up of 2 parts.  The first part is an install of high efficient LED bulbs and low-flow faucets.  The second part is combustion safety testing on appliances and using a blower-door to test the air leakage of the home.

Most of the savings come from switching to high efficiency LED bulbs.

First-Step Home Energy Audits and First-Step Electrification Audits

We are offering full in-home audits to fully vaccinated households! Call our office (563) 382-4207 ext 2 to schedule your appointment.

We will require all applicants to complete and sign a form listing all members of a household and providing their dates and types of vaccination. An audit will be scheduled no sooner than two weeks past the last required shot (for vaccines requiring two shots).

Social distancing and mask wearing must be observed by everyone in the house during the audit and we prefer that only one member of your house is present during the audit.

Click here to sign up for an audit or call (563) 382-4207 ext 2#.

Are you an Iowa resident and an Allamakee-Clayton Electric or MiEnergy Cooperative member? Click here to sign up for a FREE First-Step Electrification Audit.

Note: If your attic has vermiculite, the team will be unable to perform a blower door test due to safety regulations.

Bright Boxes Available

We are still offering Bright Boxes for those not interested in or ineligible for in-home services. These boxes are custom-packed boxes of lightbulbs for customers wanting to save money and energy.  Each Bright Box will have exactly the bulbs needed to upgrade an entire house’s lighting and will contain an audit report with projected energy savings.

Click here to sign up for a Bright Box or call to order a box: (563) 382-4207 ext 2#

Cost for Assessments and Bright Boxes:

If you are:

  • age 65+
  • disabled
  • a veteran
  • or a low-moderate income home (see table below)

you likely qualify for a FREE assessment or Bright Box. 

Non-qualifying costs:

First-Step Audits:

Apartments: $70/$80 outside of Winneshiek County
Single-family homes: $125/$150* outside of Winneshiek County

Bright Box:

Apartments: $35 / $45* outside Winneshiek County
Single-family homes: $70 / $80* outside Winneshiek County
*Includes travel fee

The average home sees annual energy savings of over $120, making the typical payback period for non-qualifying homes just 6-9 months!

Click to below to be taken to the sign up form of your choice or call (563) 382-4207 ext. 2#

Thank You to Our Local Partners

The Regional Housing Trust Fund sponsors FREE Green Iowa Home Energy Assessments for low-moderate income, single-family homes in Allamakee, Clayton, Howard, and Winneshiek counties in northeast Iowa.

Sign up for our program when you sign up for low-income heating assistance (LIHEAP) or home weatherization at any NEIA Community Action office.