GIA Recieves Tool Donation from Allamkee Clayton REC

This is John Molumby, from the Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative, with Bri Burke and Gracie Engle of the Green Iowa AmeriCorps team. The GIA team recently took a field trip to the ACEC headquarters so we could pick up a blower door fan, frame, and other equipment John was donating to the Winneshiek Energy District.

We’ve been working with John for a while. He’s referred ACEC clients with high utility bills to us, and we’ve provided them with home energy audits. We do blower door tests to assess the house’s ‘tightness’, then provide air-sealing where necessary (we also do our usual stuff–switching out all incandescent and CFL bulbs with LEDs, trading low-efficiency aerators for high-efficiency ones, sealing ducts, insulating how water pipes).
We’ve saved ACEC clients some significant funds. We also provide audit reports for those clients, which include recommendations for larger projects (like insulating attics or walls, or adding spray foam insulation to rim joists) that we can’t provide but that would save them even more energy and money. John receives those reports as well and provides rebates to his clients (up to 20% of the cost for work that qualifies) if they decide to implement those recommendations. It’s a fantastic deal for ACEC customers, and John’s a wonderful person to work with.
John recently heard that another cooperative was getting rid of its blower door equipment. He values the work we do, and wanted to help us out, so he picked up the equipment and gave us a call.
“Would you like another blower door set?” he asked us.  “We most certainly would,” we replied. We stopped out at ACEC headquarters, accepted one of the best presents we’ve ever received, got a tour of the facilities, and headed on to an audit.
Thank you, John!
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