Members make it happen. Join us!

We are grateful to all of the member-donors who supported this year’s clean local energy work with a tax-deductible donation.  These individuals and businesses provide essential matching funds for the grants that support roughly half of our work.

Membership dollars help WED pursue important projects that are unlikely to be covered by grant funding. With inclusiveness as one of our core values, locally raised membership dollars to allow for WED staff to work on issues that are especially relevant to Winneshiek County.

We have members who have supported WED’s work since day one, and also new members who join every year when they have been acutely impacted by our energy efficiency, renewable energy, or local energy advocacy work. Some join as a way to support local economic development in the clean energy sector, others know that their dollars will help provide home energy assessments for low-income, elderly, veterans, and disabled residents, or allow our staff to support local clean energy legislation at the state level.

The grassroots nature of our organization is a cornerstone of who we are: local ownership, local leadership, and inclusiveness. Your support is essential to that. Thank you!

(Not a member? Join the local energy movement today!)

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