Net Metering Update

Iowa electric customers and communities pursuing locally-owned solar energy could be big winners this legislative session, if a tentative deal between solar advocates and MidAmerican Energy is implemented as intended.

The deal would codify two versions of net metering in state law, and create a roadmap towards development of a Value of Solar tariff when certain statewide adoption rates are reached. Final language is still being hammered out, and we don’t want to get the celebratory cart before the reality horse, but we are cautiously optimistic.

The legislation is being drafted as a strike and replace amendment to the bill that was introduced last year (SF 583) (which we opposed). When adopted, the amendment then becomes the bill. We will be in close touch as things move along but if you see action on SF 583, don’t be alarmed. That means that the deal is moving forward.

If a strong bill passes, it will be a wonderful testimony to the strength of Iowa’s clean energy prosperity coalition. Locally owned renewable energy and energy efficiency are classic “green meets green”. They are wealth created and retained in our communities, and stewardship of our home place. They are investments that build healthy, wealthy, and resilient communities throughout the state.

Your Energy District has been involved in protecting the rights of customers and communities to pursue clean energy prosperity for nearly a decade, including this current effort. We would to recognize and thank our partners at the Iowa Environmental Council, the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association, and the Iowa Pork Producers Association for their leadership in this legislative effort.

Stay alert, and stay tuned, as we all work to ensure a good bill, and a good deal for Iowa customers and communities.

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