Successful Electrify! Fair Answers Questions about Everything Electric

Heidi Eger, Communications

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful time hosting the Electrify! Fair in the big community building a the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds.  We split the building with Winneshiek County Conservation who hosted a kid-focused Earth Day Festival.  Nearly 500 people attended the events.

On our side of the building, we hosted 8 contractors and 4 electric vehicles.   We had both solar and HVAC contractors in attendance to talk with folks about whole home electrification. Paul Cutting, WED’s Energy Planner, gave a 101 presentation for Solar and Heat Pumps every half  hour and 50 people listened and asked questions. While there were a few questions about solar, most attendees were excited to learn about heat pumps and whole home energy planning!

The exhibitors with the biggest crowds were definitely the EV drivers.  Every time I had a chance to look for them, they were surrounded by a small crew of interested people.  We had a Bolt, a Bolt EUV, a Tesla, and a Mustang Mach-e.

Huge thanks to all our exhibitors and attendees.  If you missed the event, click below to see Paul’s presentation or click to get contact info for our exhibitors.

Watch Paul’s Solar and Heat Pump 101 presentation
Contact our exhibitors
IRA Solar and Heat Pump Incentive Fact Sheets

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