Decorah Businesses Encouraged to Utilize Energy Efficiency Programs

Decorah Businesses Encouraged to Utilize Energy Efficiency Programs

By Jim Martin-Schramm, Clean Energy Districts of Iowa Policy Analyst

According to a study completed in 2020, the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Decorah comes from the Commercial sector (28.4%).  Electricity use makes up 61% of these emissions and natural gas represents the remaining 39% of emissions.

The Decorah Sustainability Commission encourages local businesses to help reduce these emissions and to save money by making use of the ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs offered by Alliant Energy and Black Hills Energy.

Given the disproportionate impact of electricity-related emissions, the commission encourages local businesses to participate in Alliant’s Small Business Energy Solutions Program, which helps businesses invest in more efficient lighting and refrigeration systems.

Interested businesses start by selecting one of the two participating local contractors (Perry Novak Electric or See Electric).  These companies will evaluate current lighting and/or refrigeration, identify improvement opportunities, and provide a proposal with upgrade recommendations, project costs, paybacks, and rebate information. Alliant Energy pays up to 70% of the completed project cost directly to the contractor. The business pays the balance.

To be eligible, businesses must receive electric service from Alliant Energy, have an annual electric billing of less than $100,000, occupy less than 50,000 square feet, and receive landlord approval if the facility is leased.  In addition, installed lighting must be ENERGY STAR or Design Lights Consortium qualified.  For further information, contact Novak Electric, See Electric, or Dylan Kullasch at

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