What’s a Clean Energy Coach?

Do you need some advice on energy improvements for your home?  Maybe you’re interested in taking advantage of the new rebates and tax credits for electric appliances and renewable energy? Or perhaps you’re thinking about options like a heat pump, but don’t need a full home energy assessment. Whatever your need, we’ll work with you to answer your energy questions and help you develop a plan to move forward. Learn more about clean energy coaching.

We’ll start by understanding your goals and concerns, tour your home, talk through the challenges and opportunities, and conclude by providing you with a roadmap of next steps. Energy coaching will empower you to move forward with your clean energy project!

Examples of how we can help:

  • Home comfort concerns, such as air sealing, insulation and building controls
  • Financial incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency projects
  • Plan for whole-home electrification projects, including heat pumps, EVs, and electric appliances (Read about why electrification is important)
  • Resiliency plans that utilize fossil-based and battery-based generators
  • Strategies for appliance and building system replacements
  • Basics of solar and renewable energy, and how solar fits within wider electrification goals


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On-site visits in Winneshiek County are $60/hour. We are unable to accommodate energy coaching visits outside of Winneshiek county at this time.

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Energy planner Paul performing a blower door test

Energy Planner, Paul Cutting