A Successful FestEVal!

Heidi Eger, Communications On August 28th, we wrapped up our 7 week Electric Vehicle showcase at the Decorah Farmers Market.  Over the course of 2 months, we talked to hundreds of market goers about fully Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Electric Hybrids. Each week, we hosted a different car shown off by it’s driver.  People want to hear how these cars handle in the snow, what a commute is like, how

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It Is Unequivocal That Human Influence Has Warmed The Atmosphere, Ocean and Land

Andy Johnson, Executive Director So reads the first Headline Statement from the most recent, definitive, and ominous IPCC report, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. More: “Human-induced climate change is already affecting many weather and climate extremes in every region across the globe.” These include “heatwaves, heavy precipitation, droughts, and tropical cyclones”, the changes are accelerating, and “many changes due to past and future greenhouse gas emissions are irreversible for

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IUB Clarifies Support For Utility Scale Renewable Energy

Andy Johnson, Executive Director In July of this year, the Iowa Utilities Board opened a docket to investigate the development of a comprehensive plan for Iowa’s future transmission grid. In our August newsletter (and in comments submitted by the Clean Energy Districts of Iowa), we worried that the Board may be “unnecessarily feeding the fire … [of] growing headwinds in Iowa for renewable energy at all scales”. Many other parties in the docket expressed

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A Close Look at the Clean Energy Legislation Offered by House

Joel Zook, Energy Planner We’ve had a lot of people ask us for an update on any possible movement on clean energy at the federal level. It’s been a busy summer here at WED, and I have not dug into any of the details, trying to avoid the play-by-plays that the news can provide. Luckily, journalist Dave Roberts has been, and he is an excellent summarizer. See what is in the first

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Utilities Board Ordered Honesty from Alliant to Communities

Andy Johnson, Executive Director In a pair of orders in 2020 (January pp97-106 and October) related to the 2019 Alliant rate increase, the Iowa Utilities Board directed Alliant to develop a stakeholder engagement plan that would “present accurate information to communities regarding anticipated rate increases”, and address “the Board’s concern over the lack of transparency and the inaccurate information provided with regard to the Decorah municipalization vote.” Alliant developed a plan that

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Mission Possible: Accelerating Solar 10x In Rural America

From Giving Compass Part 4 of a multipart series about Clean Energy Districts.  In this article, Jim Osterhaus, Chair of Clayton County Energy District, and Andy Johnson, WED Executive Director discuss the evolution, opportunities, and impact of the Clean Energy District movement in Iowa and the Upper Midwest. Read part 4 (and the earlier parts) here

Electric Vehicles Are Greener, All Things Considered

Andy Johnson, Executive Director While it’s true that electric vehicles generally cost about half as much to drive in fuel compared to gasoline/diesel … We often get asked “are they really better for climate and the environment, given that fossil fuels still dominate electricity production, and batteries have a significant impact too?” The Union of Concerned Scientists has repeatedly demonstrated the lower fuel-related emissions of grid-powered EVs relative to gasoline

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