A Successful FestEVal!

Heidi Eger, Communications

On August 28th, we wrapped up our 7 week Electric Vehicle showcase at the Decorah Farmers Market.  Over the course of 2 months, we talked to hundreds of market goers about fully Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Electric Hybrids. Each week, we hosted a different car shown off by it’s driver.  People want to hear how these cars handle in the snow, what a commute is like, how much they cost to charge, what maintenance consists of, and more. And who better to answer these questions than the people who drive EVs every day! We also showcased electric lawn tools.  Electric lawnmowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, and pole saws are becoming popular as they are quiet, easy to use, and reliable.

Our thanks to all of our EV Ambassadors for taking a Saturday to showcase their car, and to all the folks who stopped by to chat EVs!

Interested in learning more about EVs? Check out our resource page

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