6: The Upshot

Are Oneota Tags a good investment?

If you’ve taken action to reduce your own footprint through efficiency measures first, and at least seriously considered generating some of your own renewable energy, then take a look at our Oneota Tags as a way to invest in more local reductions.


  • We’re real, we’ll be installing simple measures in homes around the County
  • Our efficiency improvements are permanent to the degree customers don’t reverse them, which studies show is uncommon and will be part of our monitoring process
  • The emissions reductions are undeniably additional to the degree that we would not be making the improvements without the funds from Oneota Tags, and the homeowners certainly hadn’t already done so, and we *are* factoring in the likelihood that some would do so in time
  • We will strive for maximum transparency in our reporting of accomplishments and accounting at regular intervals and will be happy to discuss the program in more detail

PLUS (and this you don’t get from any other offset program in the world):

  • We’re local, and reinvest all money right here in Winneshiek County, which means economic activity, and energy dollars prevented from leaving the local economy – a gift that keeps on giving and growing, every year.

We’re part of a local movement we’d like you to join, a transition in our local culture and economy toward greater self-reliance and sustainability in energy and emissions and beyond.