Reinvest Locally, Support Clean Energy, Create a Healthier Environment for the Future. 

Our members make it happen. Your gift funds clean energy programming in your energy district and beyond. Our boots-on-the-ground approach ensures that your dollars are supporting real energy-saving programs and services right here in Northeast Iowa. All donations are tax-deductible under 501(c)3 IRS rules. Winneshiek Energy District; PO box 14; Decorah, IA, 52101.

There are three ways to join us and become a member:

1) Become a Sustaining Member

This one-time setup allows your gift to be spread throughout the year through a monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account.

Print the document below, complete it, and mail to Winneshiek Energy District, PO Box 14, Decorah, IA 52101 for a convenient, safe, and easy way to spread your gift throughout the year.

Print this document: Authorization Agreement for Automatic Payments

Unable to print? We’ll mail you one! Email with your address and a note saying “Send me a Sustaining Membership form!”

2) Yearly Membership Gift / Renewal

This option is perfect for those who wish to support the Winneshiek Energy District yearly during the end of year member drive, Nov. 1 – Dec 31. Any size gift makes you a member of the Winneshiek Energy District.  Check, ACH, Credit Card, and PayPal donations accepted.

Join or Renew Online

3)  Pre-tax Charitable Distributions

This option is for folks 71 and older. The link above will bring you to a PDF with more information.


Three Reasons Become A Member of Your Energy District:

1) Keep and Reinvest Energy Dollars Locally

Local Energy is a tremendous opportunity to create a vibrant local economy for generations.  Your Energy District is steadily tackling the $50-75 million that leaves the local economy in energy costs every year, generating major economic activity right here at home.

2) Support the Clean Energy Transition

Energy Districts support the transition to clean energy by combining energy efficiency (energy not used is the cleanest, cheapest energy!) and locally owned renewable energy. Your Energy District puts boots on the ground to provide technical assistance, financial analysis, and help with implementation.

3) Promote a Healthy Environment

A Healthy Environment for our kids requires REDUCING CLIMATE POLLUTION NOW, and this work starts at home. Your Energy District is a leading voice in Iowa energy and climate policy. We aim to keep our members and our communities informed and engaged. Learn more about our services or explore energy education events.

These goals can only be achieved locally, as a collective effort, from the ground up.