Winneshiek Energy District a part of the re-birth of rural communities transitioning to renewable energy practices.

— Ann Mansfield
Decorah resident
Ann Mansfield

[WED] helped us make our planet a place where future generations can live in a sustainable community.

— Lee Zook
Decorah resident
Lee Zook

The Energy District means so much to our building, sharing and empowerment.

— Emily Neal
Decorah resident
Emily Neal

Winneshiek Energy Disctrict is a sound investment... It is the right thing to do.

— Larry Grimstad
Decorah Bank & Trust
Larry Grimstad

We feel lucky to have an organization like the Winneshiek Energy District in our area.

— Eric Sovern
Decorah homeowner
Eric Sovern

Working with the WED was an amazing experience.... It was simple to see the immediate savings.

— Dominique and Mike Bockman
Owners, T-Bocks
Dominique and Mike Bockman investment in lighting improvements would generate over $8000 in annual electric bill savings...

— Aase Haugen Homes
Press release April 2012
Aase Haugen Homes

...thank you making our home more energy efficient and saving us a great deal of money in the long run!

— Shirley and Mike Vermace
Decorah homeowners
Shirley and Mike Vermace

Luther anticipates annual savings of over $14,000...thanks to our project with Winneshiek Energy District.

— Richard Tenneson
Luther College
Richard Tenneson

Working with the WED helped us make wise investments in our practice and its future.

— Dr. David Heine
The Family Care Clinic
Dr. David Heine

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  1. Keep and Reinvest Our Energy Dollars Locally!

    Local Energy is a tremendous opportunity to create a vibrant local economy for generations. Your Energy District is steadily tackling the $50-75 million that leaves the local economy in energy costs every year, generating major economic activity right here at home.

  2. Support the Clean Energy Transition!

    WED supports the transition to clean energy by combining energy efficiency (energy not used is the cleanest, cheapest energy!) and locally owned renewable energy. It takes good technical and financial analysis and implementation help – your Energy District puts boots on the ground.

  3. Promote a Healthy Environment!

    A Healthy Environment for our kids requires REDUCING CLIMATE POLLUTION NOW, and this work starts at home. Your Energy District is a leading voice in Iowa energy and climate policy, and is keeping you informed and engaged.