Call for Submissions: Activities Resource Folder

Ashley Lookenhouse, Green Iowa Education Coordinator 2017-18

My Green Iowa project is an e-project in the sense that I am working to compile an accessible, open source resource folder for those wishing to teach about sustainability, energy, or environmentalism to people of all ages. The folder is going to be organized by the theme of the lesson plans and will have resources that have been contributed by Green Iowa members and community members from locations where Green Iowa serves. I aim to have a robust Google drive folder that is accessible to anyone who would like it.

I chose this project because when I began this job, I had plenty of experience working with children, but very little experience teaching about these subjects. As I have grown in my position my teaching skills have been improved, but I still see places where I could grow or where my research is lacking. I believe that by pulling together a community of people who are teaching on these subjects a well rounded and effective folder will be created and will be shared with other members of our community, making education about such important topics more accessible.

The outcome of my project depends on community members who are willing to pass along contact information or contribute resources to the folder. If you have any resources from lesson plans to notes to presentations that you’d like to contribute or know of someone to contact that might be able to help you can contact me via my Green Iowa email at

You can also add submissions via google folder by following this link.

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