Four ways to Keep your Energy Local

1. Use the resources you have – be that wind, solar, or biomass – to fuel your life. Some examples: biking to work, electric cars charged by rooftop solar, high-efficiency wood stoves for heating, rooftop solar…

2. Support energy efficiency in your home and community – It’s a cheaper, easier, and cleaner to produce a small amount of local energy than a large amount. Your energy district can help in two ways: a First Step Home Assessment with our wonderful Green Iowa AmeriCorps team. If you really want to dig deeper, consider a full energy plan with W.E.D. Energy Planner Joel Zook.

3. Stay tuned into energy issues– In Iowa, energy policy is created at the state level, so it’s important to talk to your legislators about the importance of locally owned energy.  Your energy district continues to work hard advocating for strong energy efficiency programs, supportive solar policy, and more. See our Clean Energy Advocacy page.

4. Support initiatives in your neighborhood, town, county, and region that open the door for increased local, clean energy. Join your energy district- even in Howard, Clayton, and Dubuque counties! Support local contractors with your efficiency and solar needs.

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