Energy Savvy Business -Fall Learning Series

Are you a Decorah Chamber member looking to save money and go green?

The Winneshiek Energy District and Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to become an Energy Savvy Business with this four-week course. Attend all four classes or select the ones that are most relevant to you! Don’t own your building? Not a problem – bring your landlord along free of charge.

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Solar for Your Business

Is solar a good fit for your business? More and more businesses are finding that becoming solar powered is a win-win for the earth and their bottom line. Topics covered include: your pre-solar checklist, how to make the most out of tax credits and incentives, what makes a good solar site, solar payback and warranty, and local solar contractors and resources.

Save Energy, Save Money

It’s no surprise that energy-efficiency lowers utility bills and is better for your business’s bottom line – but where to start? This class will address high impact energy-saving opportunities for all businesses, appliance upgrades, energy audits, the cost of delay, and long-term efficiency projects.

Road to Net-Zero

What does it take to become a net-zero business? With growing climate awareness, becoming a net-zero business can give your business a leg up.  Together we’ll look at carbon accounting, carbon offset tags, and the marketing potential of becoming a “net-zero” business. 

Energy Policy 101 for Communities

Does the world of energy policy leave your head spinning? This class will help you’ll gain a better understanding of energy regulations, gain new energy vocabulary, learn about local energy initiatives, and step away with a better ability to speak “energy” with your community leaders and policy-makers.



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