Happy 10th Birthday Green Iowa AmeriCorps!

On August 6th we celebrated the Green Iowa AmeriCorps program’s 10th Anniversary with our 9th team: Luke Forsberg (summer member), Maddy Knutson, Katherine Hannigan, and Briana Burke,  (not pictured: Gracie Engle and Ally Peters).

The lunch hour celebration consisted of speakers, honoring this year’s teams from eight sites across Iowa. Katherine gave a dynamite presentation highlighting this our 2018-2019 team’s work in northeast Iowa. There were cupcakes, GIA alumni, and beautiful decorations. Everyone was jovial.

For ten years the Winneshiek Energy District has partnered with the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education’s Green Iowa AmeriCorps program to bring energy efficiency to northeast Iowans through home energy assessments and sustainability education.


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